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About Tara

How my life went from divorced, left with the burden of a solo income to becoming The Homeshare Fairy Godmother, reclaiming my Queendom and empowering thousands of other women to do the same by optimizing the home they love.

Before building my own Queendom ……there was once a serial entrepreneur who thought she had all the boxes ticked and life couldn’t get any better.

The husband,

The children, 

The house, 

The six-figure income, 

The net worth.

But after losing the label of a wife and all the other ‘privileges’ that came with it, I was scared to death of making it out on my own with 3 children, a solo income and a house to maintain. 


I didn't have a smooth ride after divorce. As a single parent, a second job was not an option.


The shift into being on a solo income was anything but empowering. 

I was immersed in second-guessing and battling a sense of “not enough-ness” and guilt, that made everything feel 10x harder than it should. I was on survival mode, making rushed decisions which sent me down the rabbit hole with no way out.

Or so I thought.

I remember reading and considering an AirBnB advertisement which went something like this:

"We’ll help you bring the art of hosting to life"

But that was a short thought. 

Too many risks with having a tourist in my home.

inconsistent income (I needed extra income that I could depend on each month).

Hosting tourists meant a lot more work for me having to prepare and clean up after people.

It would be tricky offering someone a good vacation experience with my kids in the house. 

Too many cons over pros.

That's when it came to me!


If I rented out a bedroom on a long-term basis to someone I could trust and who wanted to be in a safe, family environment, those sleepless night would be a thing of the past.

And that's how my homesharing journey began.

The beginnings were a challenge.

There was no one to guide me through the listing process, housemate search, or the legalities of homeshare agreements. I had to endure a complicated and lengthy experience.

That’s how HomeShare Alliance was created. A homeshare matchmaker service that would ensure others would not have to face the same struggle trying to pursue the financial security and social benefits offered by homesharing.

Over the years, I regained my power, building my Queendom and soon became known as The Homeshare Fairy Godmother, empowering other single women homeowners to take profitable, actionable steps and grow strong again, so that they can thrive and recreate their own Queendom, even on a single income.

Today I have packaged years of experience to design an online course for single women homeowners.

I’m able to do this, because I teach what I know and hold the blueprint to The Ultimate Homeshare Experience. 

Are you ready to take the REAL, momentum-building action steps for building a profitable, safe and trusted homeshare experience that will allow you to stay in the home you love?


I know you are.

That’s why you’re here. To be empowered to create your own Queendom.

Feeling confident that every bit of effort you invest in the Ultimate Homeshare Experience will pay off 10x.

5-steps guide.png

Ready to take your big stand and get REAL passive income that gives you more freedom and options?

Start by diving into one of my free resources:

"You have the power to regain your strength and create your very own Queendom."



Homeshare Alliance and Empowering Single Women

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